A note on Time.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

As Mother Oprah says, "the best gift you can give yourself, is time."

Before I left Chicago, I took this workshop that featured an agent from a well-known agency in LA (Chicago and New York). The workshop was titled "The Big Move: Transitioning to Los Angeles". At the end of the workshop an actor asked when would be the best time to move to LA. Typically, before pilot season, like summer/fall was the response. But what guest agent mentioned afterwards is what had me sit back in my seat and whisper "damn". Guest agent said, "that what most actors forget when moving to LA is that it's a not just a career move, but a life move." Let that sink for a moment.

I must admit, I assumed my transition back to Los Angeles would be more seamless than it has been. I mean I only drove back home, right? True, but it has taken me some time to factor in that I'm in a completely different stage of my life and my career. I suspect that what most actors forget when making the transition to LA is that this move is a life move. And with that time is a huge factor in transitioning and settling into the city of angels.

It's easier said then done, of course. Four months into me moving back to LA and often wishing I was further along in my career than I am, I'm constantly reminding myself of this golden nugget: "Give yourself time Abie". Moving from one city to LA pursing a career in a field that is more disappointing than not is not easy. Give yourself a pat on the back to making the jump. LA is a very particular city. A massive city. And The Belly of the Beast in our profession. LA can literally eat you up spit you back to where you came from if you don't have the mentality, stamina and grit to just wake up the next morning. I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea. For actors-this city is not for the weak minded or passionless. Come to LA channeling your warrior spirit, but I suggest when you do, to give yourself the gift of TIME. Give yourself time to settle in. To find the neighborhood that works best for you. To find your people, which can be hard. Give yourself time to get to know this big city. And after you give yourself time, give yourself more time (as a dear friend of mine phrases it). I'm serious on that. If you come to LA thinking you don't need to give yourself time or be patient, LA traffic will humble you real quick. :-)

It is so easy to get swept up in the mode of trying to make things happen and get things done for your career when you first land here. I mean you need that kind of energy to pursue this career, but, even then, things won't happen for you right away (or maybe they will-everyone's journey is different). What I'm saying is to be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. And be patient with how things unfold in your journey. There is nothing wrong if things don't happen right away, in fact that's normal. Trust that the things, people, places and agent(s) that are for you will reach you in their own timing. It's hard. Trust me I know, but what I'm learning is giving into the anxious spirit will not help or make things happen any sooner.

Take your transition day by day. Give yourself TIME and all things will slowly (or quickly) fall into place in their own time.

That's my note for you all.

Stay Blessed!

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