A short note on "play"

If you're an actor I know you've heard this note before, whether it's in an acting class, rehearsal, on set or etc., someone has told you to "play," "be more child-like." I know I'm not the only one. This note was popping up for me daily while I was teaching English abroad through theatre and play (to children and teens). My students are as young as 7 years old and the young ones obviously personify the note "play"/ "be child-like." What I observed was once children are inspired by an idea they naturally collaborate with one another and out flows so much effortless creativity. They have no boundaries. It's actually very inspiring to see. I often think "these kids are teaching me more than I'm teaching them."

They were a sweet reminder that as an adult it is so easy to forget to "play" to keep the inner child in us active and let him/her be free and run wild. Adults have way more responsibility than a 7 year old, clearly. For us Actors we tend to only do this when we are on set, on stage, or maybe it's just me?

Moreover, as I re-settle back into my normal life, I often reminisce on my summer teaching. I cannot help but remember and continue to let the inner child in me just play and live. It's very refreshing.

I'm curious to hear your moments of letting your inner child run wild.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Stay blessed!

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