A note on slowing down

I was on set last week for an on camera job. It was my first time working with this production team and my first time working on this kind of project. It was an educational shoot for a local university. After hair and make up I was escorted on set. As I was being mic'd the director introduced himself to me and gave me the run down of how shooting my segment would go. I immediately started to feel anxious and nervous. That part of me that wanted to impress, to perform, to prove that I belonged on set was creeping in. And for me, when that voice creeps in I have the tendency to rush myself. I rush my lines and try to escape doing my job as fast as possible. So, I was escorted in front of the camera, "action" rang in my ear and I delivered my first few lines in such a rush that the director called "cut" and said, "let's do it again, but this time take your time." I received his direction, took a deep breath and started from the top. The pause and deep breath set a great tone for the rest of my shoot-which was very short by the way. After the director called "cut", I walked off set being thanked for my work and told I would be reached to again for other projects I'd be great for.

Have you ever experienced this? You are on set or on stage and you find that you get caught up in rushing yourself? Rushing the delivery of your lines, your cue, etc. for no reason. We actors invest so much time working towards that one audition, getting booked and then when we do book that one job we let that little voice in our head talk us down and that manifests in so many ways for each individual. Well, this on set experience reminded me that how important it is to slow down. Find my grounding. Let the nerves comes, as they do but not to allow myself to get caught up in them. I mean it happens, but I think how you handle it makes all the difference.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a blessed week!

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