A note on Reflection.

We're only a couple of days away from a new year, a new decade, still recovering from an emotional holiday season and probably still over stuffed from way too much food. Am I the only one? I wanted to end the year on a reflective note. The tendency at the end of the year is to look back at our list of intentions and goals and focus on what we did not accomplish. I found myself doing this a few weeks ago. I was slightly disappointed in myself for not booking as many commercials as I intended, for not signing with a theatrical agency, not joining SAG/AFTRA and other actor related things. I had a long list...maybe too much? It wasn't until I had a conversation with a friend recently where she pointed out the many things I had done over the year. Many of the things I accomplished were unrelated to acting, but still nourished my soul in much needed ways. Some of the things she mentioned I honestly forgot about. After this conversation I was able to shake out of my rut of "disappointments" and celebrate what I have done over the year. I sat down and reflected on how many sets I worked on. The auditions I had where I left feeling good. I reflected on the places I traveled to and how that gave me so much life and ignited a new level of curiosity within me. I reflected on the artistic workshops I participated in. SO many good things! No, I did not hit everything on my list, but that's okay. I still have 2020, right?

I share this to encourage you to-instead of reflecting about what you set out to accomplish this year- reflect on all that you have accomplished whether big or small. Believe me when I say you'll appreciate the year so much more.

I hope you can look back at 2019 and find the beauty in the good and bad moments that you experienced. In the expected and unexpected. In the planned and not planned. Be grateful you have another year ahead of you to set new intentions and goals. Trust that 2020 will be a better year.

Happy Ending of 2019 and See you all in 2020-Stay Blessed!

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