A note on letting go

The month of March was a busy one for me, but filled with so many blessings I just need to share. I've recently been having conversations with friends about letting go. Letting go of wanting the things we desire in order for those things to come our way. These conversations were sparked by a series of opportunities that literally fell from the sky onto my lap last month. One was a meeting with a commercial agent, then four of auditions came my way-one a callback, a job opportunity to teach drama aboard, starting a new day job and the opportunity to participate in a Playwriting Workshop abroad. Seriously. SO many great things came my way in the month of March that has me in the state excitement, but also had me questioning why now? Or rather, what was I doing differently that opened the floodgates of so many beautiful gifts to just fall onto my lap.

After some thought I came to find that simply just let go. I let go of the outcomes, the expectations, the what if's and eagerness of wanting any of the things I was pursuing, putting energy in. For example, have you ever had that one audition where you walked in the audition room, read sides, felt neither good or bad about your audition, walked out of the audition room and just went about your day without even giving what you did in the audition room a second thought? Fast forward two hours later, you check your email and notice you have a call back or booked the role?! This is exactly what I'm talking about. Letting go. Not focusing on the outcome or the thing that is in front of you itself, but just living in the moment. It sounds simple, but it can be challenge. Especially when you are in the constant state of wanting this and that and working for this outcome or that outcome. But, what if you just did all that you could or rather trust that you have done all that you can do and leave the outcome to be? I wonder what would happen?

Let me know your comments/thoughts!

Stay blessed!

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