A note on "It's all connected"

Nature has been a haven for me recently as I settle back on the west coast. Whether I'm hiking, going to a national park or a botanical garden, I am always able to find some stillness, peace and a point of direction in nature.

Nature reminds me that all things in life are connected. You've probably heard this before. When I relate this to my career as an actor I think about this journey I'm on. This journey we all have chosen to pursue and the seasons when it is quiet. I mean no auditions, no artistic inspiration, no bookings, nothing. This is a frustrating time, isn't it. So much can come up; fear, insecurity, comparison and etc. When this season comes around (because it does and if it hasn't happened to you- it will :-)), I try my best to be as positive as possible about my circumstance. I find nature and there I find the encouragement I need to continue on. What's your go to place (I'd love to hear)? There I relearn again and again that everything I have done in my career will show up in one way or another as long as I continue to move forward. Following me?

If we look at our artistic journey as a whole, rather than in the moment, we can save ourselves so much heartache. Because as long as we continue forward, even if we are getting no opportunities from the business, we are still placing energy towards our goal. We are still working towards our goals.

From my experience on my journey, bookings, auditions and etc. come in waves. When the waves do come they feel good, don't they? They boost our confidence, give us hope and make our dreams seems right around the corner. When the waves stop and it's quiet, there is no telling when the waves will come again. But they do come, we just have to be ready for them when they do.

Sending you all love and light!

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