A note on giving yourself a chance.

I had a recent experience where I used my last $30 to travel from So Cal to Nor Cal for a callback audition. I know I'm not the only one to have done this, spent their last few dollars on an audition.

Let's rewind to the top. I submitted a self tape for my initial audition. I was surprised to get the email that I was invited for the call back. The invitation came very last minute. I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to cancel much of my commitments and work and go to this callback audition. The main concern was money. If I go to this callback I will be losing money and there is no guarantee that I will actually book this role. I inquired if I could submit a self tape for the callback but that wasn't an option.

I was so close to saying I can't make it to the callback because of how much I would lose in the process: rescheduling appointments, cancel dates with friends and what was most important at the time work.

I ended up talking myself into booking an 11 hour bus ride from Union Station to the Bay Area for the callback. I came down to the decision that regardless of whether or not I book this role, I need to give myself a chance. Even if that means I have no money for a week or two, have to ask people for a little help, etc.

I think there are many moments in an actors career where they have to negotiate between their career and their personal life. Get me? Although the decision to be an actor is a life negotiation (Lol), there are moments that I have to really consider saying "no, I can't go to this audition..." because I need to work or I can't miss another wedding for example.

I wish I could say my callback audition ended in me booking the role, but I did not :-(. When disappointments hit you, and they will ALWAYS hit you in this industry, I have found that finding the good, the positive always eases the pain that comes with rejection. At least I was able to show my work to the Director. At least I was to play with other great actors. At least I gave myself the chance to be cast.

That's all I got for you all this month! I'd love to hear your stories, comments and thoughts!

Stay blessed!

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