A note on community.

It's been a wild past few weeks hasn't it? I'm sure we're all still trying to wrap our heads around how life has made a drastic change in a matter of weeks. For most of us anxiety, fear, depression and uncertainty continue to seep in by the day. Which is normal. There is no "right" way to feel right now (said a quote by Cleo Wade on IG). Reading this gave me some comfort. Human beings are not meant to be in isolation for long periods of time. It can be so detrimental to our overall well being, specifically our mental health (I'll post about this soon).

With everyone practicing social distancing and staying indoors to calm the spread of this nasty virus, it's natural to feel doses of loneliness and feel like you're going a bit insane....or is it just me? It can get real! Not knowing how long our current situation will last makes it more unbearable doesn't it?

That's why I think it's so important to maintain our communities online and/or create new ones. Virtual communities. Just because we have been encouraged to stay home does not mean we have to be alone or feel alone. We need each other right now. The humor. Relief fund resources. Texts messages. Face Time conversations. Marco Polo videos. Phone calls. We need to make sure we're filling our days with interactions to maintain some kind of normalcy while we ride this out. Remember we are all feeling this HARD in some way. This is a major drastic shift and whatever feels you are feeling are valid and deserve to be expressed. Don't forget that.

Some ideas of maintaining and building virtual communities: Face Time that one person you haven't spoken to in awhile who keeps popping up in your head. Send a text message to family members, friends just to see how they are doing. You never know how you will brighten someones day with a check in text message. Organize a video chat with a group of friends or co workers. Send an email out to someone. These are just some ideas and some things I've been apart of that have helped me greatly. It helped me not feel as alone and isolated. After all, we are all going through this pandemic together and that should be enough reason to organize a video call with a group of people.; just to talk shit out.

As we take this day by day, know were are all in this together and the only way to get through this is with each other. Hit me up with a note if you have any questions or comments or just want to chat!

Stay healthy. Keep safe. Be kind. Reach out and receive when love and kindness is being given to you.

Sending love and light!

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